Luke Austin Smith Young Americans Scholarship

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This American Patriot, age 8 years did something which caused others to stand still and pay attention when he spotted a tattered American Flag.  He was strong in character and bold in action to approach his elected officials to take action to replace the flag and show the proper respect towards the values it represents. A small gesture some may say...but it is really much more. The American Flag is a powerful symbol with iconic meaning which deserves proper etiquette and it is often abused and dismissed.  At a time when all we see appears to be doom & gloom on the television, and newspapers about chaos in the comes a young man who takes the time to bring a sense of enlightenment and reality to others. That reality, is a central symbol which, we living in the United States find ourself wrapped in by way of history and our future.

I stood still the day I spotted a Fox News broadcast with Eagle Young Marine Luke Austin Smith, a tough, tight lipped patriot that reminded me of many of my childhood friends who grew up under the admiration of the veterans who taught value and respect of the "colors."

The days when the streets would be lined with this flag seem few and far between now, while people argue over reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools, and corporate chain stores won't allow veterans to sell Poppies to raise money for good causes and the list goes on.  Yet this 8 year old stands still one day and is enlightened enough to stop a world so busy that they didn't see it and he is credited with restoring its honor.

The Society of Professional Locksmiths is honored to create the Luke Austin Smith Young Americans Scholarship for boys & girls ages 8-18.  I realize this is not a trip to Harvard, but it is in his name from this day on and we look forward to introducing many young Americans into this craft.

I hereby decree on this date 5/25/11 - Luke Austin Smith entered our Guild, having been found worthy by demonstrating Honor, Integrity, Pride and Professionalism.  Having been initiated into the Society of Professional Locksmiths and the Ancient Order of the Locks.  I command all to Honor, respect and provide privilege to thee who holds the Secrets of the Keys.

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