Some Preliminaries Couples Must Do
Before a Military Wedding
  • A one-day pre-course at your local archdiocese. To find your local archdiocese visit:
  • Completion of a pre-marital inventory examination.
  • 4-6 sessions with the priest or deacon.
  • Completion of pre-marital documentation to include: Pre-Nuptial Investigation Form"

    Submission of baptism certificates issued within 60 days of the proposed marriage date. If you were baptized on a military base, you can obtain a copy of your baptism certificate by writing to the:

    Archdiocese for the Military Services,
    USA, PO Box 4469,
    Washington DC 20017

    Please provide your full name, date of birth, father's first and last name, and your mother's maiden name. If you were baptized in a civilian parish, contact them and provide them with the same information.

    Baptized non-Catholics should provide a photo copy of their baptismal certificate or, at a minimum, name and location of the church where they were baptized and the date of baptism.

  • Permission from the bishop if a Catholic is marrying a non-Catholic.
  • Completion of an "Affidavit of Free Status" by the parent of the bride and groom.
  • If neither party to the marriage is active duty military, the bride's civilian pastor must give written permission for the wedding to take place in the chapel.